Worksheet on Currency Names of Different Countries [with PDF]

Currency is an exchange medium for any goods and services. This is basically a money system in common use. Normally they are in the form of paper, plastic, or coins.

Different countries have different currencies. Kuwaiti Dinar is the Strongest and Venezuelan Bolívar is the weakest currencies of the world.

The currency values are not fixed. They change every day depending on the exchange value. To explain this in simple language, with 100 INR what you can buy today, you may not buy the same thing after a week. So buying or exchanging the value of currencies changes. Dollar, Pound, Euro, Yen, Rupee, Dinar, Rial, etc are the most popular currencies in the world.

Let’s learn about currencies of different countries while solving the Currency and Countries worksheet provided below. Answers to the questions are provided at the end of the worksheet for reference.

Worksheet on Currency Names of Different Countries

Currency and Countries Worksheets

Q1. Match the currency names with the proper country.

Country NameCurrency Unit
1. Afghanistana) Canadian Dollar
2. Argentinab)  Australian Dollar
3. Australiac)  Rupee  
4. Belgiumd)  Chinese Yuan  
5. Indiae) Egyptian Pound Afghani
6. Canadaf)  Danish Krone  Euro  
7. Chinag) Dinar
8. Denmarkh)  Euro  
9. Egypti) Afghani
10. Iraqj)Peso
Table: Country vs Currency

Q2. Choose the appropriate currency from the given list and Write in the space with respect to the country.

[Euro, Ringgit, Won, Shekel, Riyal, Yen, Rial, Franc, Rouble, Riyal]

  1. Russia                       _______________________
  2. Indonesia                 _______________________
  3. Saudi Arabia            _______________________
  4. Israel                        _______________________
  5. Italy                          _______________________
  6. Japan                       _______________________
  7. South Korea            _______________________
  8. Malaysia                 ________________________
  9. Switzerland           ________________________
  10. Oman                   _________________________
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Q3. Tick the correct option from the given values related to Currency of various countries.

1. Which two country have the same currency? a. India and Japan          b. Colombia and Argentina    c. Brazil and Germany

2. __________ Signature is printed on Rs. 100 note of Indian currency? a. Prime minister     b. Governor    c. President 

3. What is the short form of United States Dollar? a. $US         b. U$S     c.US$

4. Currency of which of the following country is “Taka”? a. India b. Pakistan c. Bangladesh

5. _____________is the full form of RBI?   a. Reputed bank of India     b. Reserve bank of India   c. Regional Bank of India

6. Currency of France is __________ a. Euro    b. Riyal   c.  Won

7. What is the symbol of Japanese Yen? a. VT     b. T   c. ¥

8. What is the currency of Nigeria? a. Won  b. Naira  c. Euro

9. Kr is the currency symbol of which country? a. Japan   b. Somalia   c.  Denmark

10. What is the currency unit of India? a. 100 paisa  b. 100 cents  c. 100 dinars

Q4. Write the name of the countries against the currency images.

Countries and their Currencies

Q5. Can you answer the following questions on Countries and Currencies

  1. Which country’s currency is the new peso?
  2. The rupee is not a currency of which of the following countries? a. Nepal b. Pakistan c. India d. Sri Lanka e. Bangladesh
  3. Which is the strongest currency in this world?
  4. Which is the weakest currency in the world?
  5. Which is the weakest currency of all times?
  6. Euro is the currency of which of the following countries? a. Greece b. Portugal c. Finland d. Belgium e. All of the above
  7. In which year first demonetization in Independent India happened?
  8. Both Canada and Singapore has its currency name as ____________.
  9. Are Indian Rupee and Pakistani Rupees have the same value while transactions?
  10. Ringgit is the currency name of __________________________.
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Answer keys:

  • A1. 1-i, 2-j, 3-b, 4-h, 5-c, 6-a, 7-d, 8-f, 9-e, 10-g
  • A2. 1-Rouble, 2-Rupiah, 3-Riyal, 4-Shekel, 5-Euro, 6-Yen, 7-Won, 8-Ringgit, 9-Franc, 10-Rial
  • A3. 1 .b,  2. b, 3. C, 4 .b, 5.b, 6.a, 7.c, 8.b,   9.c , 10.a
  • A4. 1. Oman , 2. USA, 3. UK , 4. India, 5. Russia, 6. Italy, 7. Germany, 8. Japan, 9. Spain, 10. China
  • A5. 1. Mexican currency,     2. e,  3. Kuwaiti Diner  4. Venezuelan Bolívar,  5. Zimbabwean dollar,  6. e, 7. 1954    8. Dollar    9. No    10. Malaysia

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