Worksheet: Place Value, Face Value, Expanded Form and Comparing Numbers [With PDF]

What is the Face value of a Number?

Face Value is the value of the digit itself. For example, the face value of 3 in 23504 is 3; again the face value of 2 in 453291 is 2.

What is the Place Value of a Number?

Every digit in a number has value depending on its fixed position or place called the Place Value of the digit. The place value is calculated by multiplying the digit with the value of its place or position. Remember that Place Value=Face Value X Value of the Place.
For example, Place value of 4 in 34567 is 4 X 1000= 4000; Similarly Place Value of 5 in 3456789 is 5 X 10000= 50000.

What is the Expanded Form of a Number?

The expanded form of a number is that the number is shown according to the place value of its digits, i.e writing the number as the addition of the place value of its digits. For example, the number 4325 can be written as 4000+300+20+5 in its expanded form, Similarly, the number 20034 can be written as 20000+30+4 in its expanded form.

Face Value, Place Value of a Number
Face Value, Place Value of a Number

Place Value, Face Value, Expanded Form, Comparing Number Worksheet

1. Fill in the blanks with correct responses

  • a. The greatest four digit number is_____________________
  • b. The smallest five digit number is_________________________
  • c. The difference between the smallest five digit number and greatest four digit number is ________________
  • d. The number of three digits numbers in mathematics are ____________
  • e. The face value of 0 in “720356” is ____________
  • f. The place value of 0 in “720356” is _____________
  • g. The difference between place value of 2 and place value of 3 in “720356” is _____
  • h. In the number “720356”, which digit has the greatest place value? ________
  • i. In the number “720356”, which digit has the smallest place value? _
  • j. The difference between the place value of 2 and place value of 0 in number “720356” is ____________
  • k. The Expanded form of the number “720356” is ______________________
  • l. The difference between the greatest five digit number and greatest four digit number is
  • m. The difference between the smallest five digit number and smallest four digit number is___________
  • n. One lakh has how many digits? __________________
  • o. One million is a ____________ digit number.
  • p. We have to add __ ______ to convert greatest three digit number into smallest four digit number.
  • q. Place value= _________________ X value of the place
  • r. The difference between the place value and face value of 3 in number “720356” is ____________

2. Compare the numbers below and respond as instructed

  • a. Arrange in ascending order: 999, 99999, 9999, 9999999, 999999
  • b. Arrange in descending order: 7234519, 7234619, 7234591, 7234691, 7234169
  • c. Circle the largest value number: 987654, 987645, 987655, 987665, 987656
  • d. Circle the smallest number: 543219, 543291, 543119, 543191, 543290
  • e. Build the greatest and smallest 6 digit number by repeating the digits: 0, 9, 5, 6
  • f. The difference between the greatest and smallest 5 digit number that can be formed by repeating the digits: 5, 1, 4, 9
  • g. The sum of greatest and smallest four-digit numbers that can be generated repeating the digits: 9, 0, 1
  • h. Write the smallest possible number using the following digits: 3, 9, 8, 7, 0

3. Write the Predecessor of the following numbers

  • a. 400, 000
  • b. 153,999
  • c. 67, 890

4. Write the Successor of the following numbers

  • a. 299, 999
  • b. 570, 300
  • c. 999, 999

5. In the annual school function 21,975 guests are expected to come. So how many chairs should be arranged, rounded to the nearest 1000?

6. The value of 5 in 6359 goes up by how many times if it is moved to the left by 1 digit?

7. 8 ten thousand less than 4, 85, 123 is ______________

8. In which of these numbers, the digit 6 has the highest place value: 123456, 134650, 98765, 196035, 960321

9. 169 rounded to nearest 1000 is ________________

10. Which of the following is not a valid Roman number: III, XV, VVV

11. Chocolates are available in packs of 10 and 100. Advik wants to buy 1560 chocolates for his birthday. So how many packets of chocolates he should buy?

12. Round the following numbers where it makes sense:

  • a. Swarnali’s mobile number is 98,658,923 (nearest 1000): _________________
  • b. Return gifts has to be arranged for 365 guests in the party (nearest 100): ___________________
  • c. Aahana’s room number is 301 (Nearest 10)______________
  • d. Shirt size of Firan Uncle is 39 (Nearest 10)_________
  • e. In Anna Hazare’s protest march 123,456 people participated at Jantar Mantar. (Nearest 10,000)_________________________

13. What is the total of the numbers 4896 and 4145 rounded to their nearest 1000?

14. In a number game, Ismat got four number cards with digits 7, 0, 3, 8. She has been told to make the smallest 4-digit number. By mistake, she made the largest 4-digit number. So which digit she kept in the hundred’s place?

15. Jay thought of a 4-digit number. The digit at tens place is twice the number at one’s place. The digit at the hundred’s places is 6. The digit at thousand’s place is the addition of digits in all other three positions. What is the number?

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