Comparative and Superlative Worksheets with PDF

What is a comparative adjective?

A comparative adjective is used to compare two nouns denoting a higher or lower degree of quality with respect to one another. For example, Aharsi is stronger than Advik. In this sentence strength of Aharsi and Advik are compared and it is informed that Aharsi has more strength. Here, the adjective stronger is showing the comparative form of the adjective strong. The suffix “-er” is often added at the end of an adjective to make it a comparative adjective.

What is a Superlative Adjective?

A superlative adjective denotes the extreme form of quality and is used while comparing three or more nouns. The suffix “-est” is often added at the end of an adjective to convert into a superlative adjective. For example, Swarnali is the strongest in the group. In this sentence, the adjective form “strongest” is used to inform the extreme quality in a group. So here strongest is the superlative form and is made by adding (suffixed) -est to the adjective strong.

Rules for changing into comparative and superlative form

  • Rule 1: As mentioned above adding the suffix “er” and “est” to the adjective is the most common rule to form a comparative and superlative degree of adjectives.
  • Rule 2: When the word ends with “y”, Change the “y” to “i” and then add “-er” or “-est” to form comparative and superlative respectively. For example, Easy—–Easier—–Easiest
  • Rule 3: When the word ends with a single consonant, preceded by a single vowel, double the last consonant before adding “-er” or “-est”. For example, Big—-Bigger—-Biggest, Here “g” is doubled prior to adding “-er” or “-est” to convert it into comparative and superlative form respectively.
  • Rule 4: When the words have two syllables (ending with “-ful”, “-less”,”-ing”, “-ed”, “-ous”, etc), Use the word more/most or less/least before the adjective to convert it into comparative or superlative form. For example, Beautiful—–More Beautiful——Most Beautiful. In this example more or most is added to convert comparative and superlative respectively.
  • Rule 5: When the word ends with “e”, Remove one “e” while adding “-er” or “-est”. For example, Wise—-Wiser—-Wisest. Here, only single “e” is used dropping the other one.
  • Rule 6: There are a few irregular adjectives that are not formed using any rule. So better to memorize those. The following table provides a few irregular comparative and superlative adjective examples to help you memorize.
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Positive AdjectiveComparative AdjectiveSuperlative Adjective
Irregular Comparatives and Superlatives Table

Remember to use the article “THE” before all superlatives in any sentences. For example, He is the best in his class.

Comparative and Superlative Worksheets with PDF

Let’s learn more about the comparative and superlative degree of adjectives while solving the worksheet problems given below:

Comparative and Superlative Worksheets

Q1) Fill the table with correct positive, comparative or superlative forms of the given adjectives

Sr. NoPositiveComparativeSuperlative
2 Stronger 
3  Happiest
5 Sweeter 
6  Wealthiest
8 Better 
9  Worst
11 More 
12  Easiest
16 Taller 
17 More beautiful 
18 Fatter 
20  Whitest
21  Most courageous
22  Least
23  Richest
Table for Positive Comparative and Superlative Adjective example

Q2) Add appropriate positive, comparative or superlative forms of the given adjective and complete the sentence given below:

  1. Ram is ____________ (tall) than Rahim.
  2. Uttam’s car is the _____________ (costly) of all.
  3. Titly’s painting is _____________(good) than mine.
  4. Today the sun is _______ (bright) than yesterday.
  5. Sumita is the _____________(short) in the group.
  6. Zaki is ____________(silly) than Ismat.
  7. 10 Kg bag is _________(heavy) than 5 Kg bag.
  8. The living room is _______ (dirty) than the bedroom.
  9. An apple is __________(sweet) than a plum.
  10. Aharsi is the __________(quiet) student in Section A of Class IV.
  11. Among all the colors, Black is the ____________ (dark).
  12. Advik is _______ (cheerful) than Zaki.
  13. The first comedian was the ___________ (funny) in the group.
  14. The grand mosque is the ___________ (good) mosque in Oman.
  15. Singer Shreya Ghoshal is ______________ (popular) than Sunidhi Chouhan
  16. Rose is ________________ (beautiful) than hibiscus.
  17. The weather of this winter is even __________(bad) than last winter.
  18. A crocodile is ________________ (dangerous) than a snake.
  19. Russia is the _________________ (big) country in the world.
  20. Earth is ___________ (far) from the Sun but the Jupiter is _______ (far).
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Q3) Compare the words below and make a meaningful sentence using a comparative or superlative degree. The first one is solved as an example.

  1. Cheetah/animals (fast): Cheetah is the fastest among animals.
  2. Basketball/Cricket (easy) :
  3. Sahara desert/deserts (large):
  4. Burj Khalifa/statue of liberty (tall):
  5. Titanic/Anaconda (interesting):
  6. 12 Kg/25 Kg (light):
  7. Rocket/Aeroplane (fast):
  8. An elephant/a goat (strong):
  9. A school/A hospital (Cheerful):
  10. A market/a temple (noisy):
  11. April/August (short):
  12. Kerala/Rajasthan (rainy):

Q4) Choose the word from the given keywords and use it to complete the sentence with proper positive, comparative or superlative degree of adjectives:

(hard/far/hot/bad/smart/funny/old/ small/good/important)

  1. Ismat thinks she’s _________ than Swarnali.
  2. 3 idiots is one of the ___________ film I’ve seen.
  3. Can you tell me the ___________ month of Oman?
  4. Summer is the ________________ season in Oman.
  5. According to Uttam, money is not ___________ than health.
  6. Ravleen is _________________ than Dharini.
  7. Mohor always crack the ______________ jokes.
  8. Firan’s new laptop is ______________ than the old one.
  9. His new house is a little ______________ than the old one.
  10. Swarnali studies ___________ than Deep.

Q5) Use each of the comparative and superlative degrees mentioned in Irregular Comparatives and Superlatives Table and make one sentence.

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