Wild Animals Worksheets: Wild animals (With PDF)

Wild means not tamed or not domesticated. So, wild animals are animals that are not domesticated by mankind. Nature is the sweet home for wild animals. Wild animals find their food, water, and all the necessary things from mother nature. They live of their own, mostly in the jungle. Few of the wild animals are dangerous.

List of Wild Animals

The following table provides wild animals list.

List of Wild Animals
Tiger Monkey Lion Wolf Zebra Shark
Camel Snake Fox Crocodile Rabbit Frog
Starfish Panda Gorilla Crab Alligator Owl
Leopard Giraffe Eagle Elephant Jellyfish Bear
Dolphin Squirrel Koala Chimpanzee Rat Bat
Lizard Toad Hare Woodpecker Snail Deer
Octopus Whale Jackal Hippopotamus Sparrow Hyena

Lets dive into the wild animals worksheet to practice more with practiceworksheet.com

Wild Animals Worksheet

Q1. Answer the following questions related to wild animals.

  1. Which wild animal is the national animal of India?
  2. Which animal jumps from one tree to another tree?
  3. Which wild animal is the largest land animal?
  4. Which animal has a long neck?
  5. Which animal runs the fastest?
  6. Who is the king of the jungle?

Q2.Arrange the following jumbled letters to form the name of a wild animal.

Wild Animals: Jumbled Words

















Q3. Fill in the blanks and form wild animal names.

  1. TIG_R
  2. ZE_RA
  3. C_EETAH
  4. MON_EY
  5. KANG_RO_
  6. ELE_HA_T
  7. LI_N
  8. F_X
  9. JA_KAL

Q4. Match the wild animal with their young ones.













Q5. Match the following images of wild animals with their name.

Wild animals images vs wild animal names
Wild animals images vs wild animal names

Q6. Write name of 20 wild animals in your notebook.

Q7. Fill in the blanks with appropriate wild animal names from the given clues

  1. I am a ____________________; I am known as India’s National Animal.
  2. I am an ___________________; I have a long trunk at my head.
  3. My name is________________; I have black and white marks in my body.
  4. I am a ____________________; I can jump from one tree to another easily.
  5. Hello! My name is __________; I am known as the most clever animal.
  6. I am _____________________; I am the king of the jungle.
  7. I stay in the sea; I can generate electric current; Can you tell who am I? I am a ________.

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