Grade IV EVS Worksheet: Journey of Food (With PDF)

Food is very important to live as it gives us the energy to do our everyday works. Food is essential for our growth, to stay healthy, to protect ourselves from diseases. In this worksheet: Journey of Food, we will learn more about how these foods are generated. The EVS chapter “Journey of Food” for grade IV students provides importance to Cultivation.

Let’s learn more about foods and cultivation while solving the worksheet: Journey of Food.

Grade IV EVS Worksheet Journey of Food

Worksheets: Journey of Food

Q1) Tick the correct answers related to Journey of Food

  1. Farmers prepare the soil by a)ploughing b)harvesting c)sowing
  2. Cutting crops whey they are ripe is called a)irrigation b)harvesting c)manuring
  3. Farmers pack the grains and transported to the a)shopkeepers b)vendors c)wholesale market
  4. Storekeepers and vendors buy the crops from a)wholesalers b)farmers c)shopkeepers
  5. People buy fruits from a)shopkeepers b)greengrocer c)fruit seller
  6. Farmer add manure and fertilisers to the soil to make it rich in a)fats b)carbohydrates c)minerals
  7. The spice used to heal our wounds is a)turmeric b)clove c)black pepper

Q2) Fill in the blanks with suitable answers from your understanding on the Journey of Food.

1. Farmer spray pesticides and insecticides to kill harmful _______ .
2. Ploughs are also used to dig ________in which seeds are sown. 3.____________gives us energy to work and play.

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4. Supplying of water to the crops is known as _____________.
5. Food helps us to protect against ___________.
6. The grains packed in the __________ by the farmer.
7.when the crop is ripe it is cut by using _________.

Q3) Write true and false for the statements related to the Journey of Food

  1. The shopkeepers buy grains from the grocer and sell it to the wholesalers.
  2. Black pepper can be used as a dye.
  3. We relieve toothache with the help of clove oil.
  4. We buy cereals and pulses from a greengrocer.
  5. Scarecrow is placed in the fields to protect the crop from birds and animals.
  6. A farmer prepares the soil by ploughing the fields.
  7. Chilli powder makes your food look yellow.

Q4) Answer the below-attached questions related to Journey of Food

  1. What do farmers use to do harvesting?
  2. Where does the farmer sell his produce?
  3. Why do farmers use pesticides and insecticides in the fields?
  4. What is harvesting?
  5. Wherefrom the farmers supply water to the field?
  6. What is agriculture?
  7. What are the spices? How are they use in our life?

Q5) Rewrite the following statements correctly.

  1. Cardamom is used to make cosmetic cream.
  2. Turmeric is the world’s most popular spice.
  3. Black pepper and cinnamon can be recognized by smelling.
  4. Pesticides are used to control harmful weeds.
  5. supply of water to crops at different intervals of time is called manuring.
  6. Customers buy the product from the wholesalers.
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Answer Keys of the above-mentioned questions from EVS chapter: Journey of Food

A1)1.a, 2.b, 3.c, 4.a, 5.c, 6.c, 7.a
A2)1.Insectes and pests, 2.furrows,, 4.irriqation 5.diseases, 6.gunny bags, 7.sickles or machines
A3)1.false, 2.false, 3.true, 4.false, 5.true, 6.true,7.false

  1. Farmers use sickles for harvesting in the field.
  2. Farmers sell their produce in the wholesale market.
  3. Farmers spray pesticides to kill harmful pests and insecticides to kill insects
  4. Cutting of crops after it is ripe is called harvesting. It is done using sickles or machines.
  5. Farmer supplied water to the field from wells and tube wells.
  6. Agriculture is the science that deals with the cultivation of plants and rearing of animals for human use.
  7. Spices are parts of plants that have a strong fragrance.
    They give more flavor and taste to the food. Some spice is used as medicine.

A5) 1.Turmeric is used to make cosmetic cream.
2. Black pepper is the word’s most popular spice.
3. Black pepper and cinnamon can be recognized by tasting.
4. Pesticides are used to control harmful insects and pests.
5. The supply of water to crops at different intervals of time is called irrigation.
6. Customers buy the product from retailers.

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