Adjective Examples and Worksheets (PDF)

Adjectives are words that are used to modify nouns, pronouns, or other adjectives. Adjectives make the noun or pronoun more specific by defining their qualities, quantities, or states of being.
For example in the Sentence “I have two red pens”, both two and red are describing the noun pen. So both Two and Red are adjectives. Two is indicating the number of pens and Red is describing the color of the pens.

Types of Adjectives

Adjectives are of various kinds like

  • Quantitative Adjectives: Three, Four, Many, Much, etc.
  • Descriptive Adjectives: Handsome, Silly, Stupid, Fast, Loud, etc.
  • Proper Adjectives: Japanese, KFC, American, etc.
  • Possessive Adjectives: My, His, Her, Our, Your, Their, etc.
  • Demonstrative Adjectives: Those, This, That, Those, etc.
  • Distributive Adjectives: Each, Every, Any, Neither, Either, etc.
  • Interrogative Adjectives: Which, Why, What, Who, Whose, etc.
  • Indefinite Adjectives: Some, Several, A Few,
  • Articles: A, An, and The.
  • Compound Adjectives: Broken-Down, Eight-Foot-Long, etc.
  • Ordinal OR Sequence Adjectives: Third, Fifth, Ninth, etc.

Adjective Examples

The below mentioned words provides few of the Adjective Examples:

Anxious, Adventurous, Smart, Naughty, Emotional, Mean, Honest, Crazy, Intelligent, Sensitive, Stubborn, Worried, Generous, Careless, Fearless, Rude, Timid, Enthusiastic, Energetic, Funny, etc.

Lets learn more about adjective examples from the Adjective worksheets given below:

Adjective Worksheets

Q1) Circle the Adjectives from the given words:

  1. Car, Yellow, Parent, Cap, Hot, Girl
  2. Difficult, Question, Book, Pleasant, Tiger, Aeroplane
  3. Play, Do, Go, Buy, Short, Run, Fast
  4. Small, Big, Large, Vehicle, Door, Window
  5. Enjoyable, movie, sofa, toys, fight, carpet
  6. Purple, colour, Delhi, Agra, Airport, Cute
  7. Road, Dirty, Mat, Clean, Home, Safe
  8. Driver, Rough, Nice, Shopping-Mall, Calender, Piano
  9. Walk, Shiny, Sun, Blue, Lamp, Axe, Ape
  10. Monkey, Jump, Salty, Vegetable, Dark, Room
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Q2) Choose the correct adjective examples from the given list and fill in the blanks.

(Easy, fast, new, dark, green, clean, sweet, long, entertaining, helpful)

  1. Advik wore a _______ dress on his Birthday.
  2. He brought ____________chocolates for everybody in the class.
  3. Swarnali has _____________ hair.
  4. Deep can run ___________.
  5. After the rain, the roads are _________.
  6. He bought a __________ colored pen.
  7. All the staff in that temple are kind and __________.
  8. Aharsi fears of staying in a ____________ room.
  9. Solve this math question quickly, it’s quite ____________.
  10. The movie “Kung Fu Panda” is very _______________.

Q3) Fill in the blanks with meaningful adjectives examples.

1) Firan took a test drive in the _________ car.
2) There are three__________ giraffe in that zoo.
3) Are you looking for that _________ girl?
4) The ______________ man helped the blind-man cross the road.
5) Our English teacher, Mrs. Azmath is a ____________teacher.
6) During Diwali festivals, all roads become very ______________ .
7) Keep your ______________ shoes outside.
8) Ismat has __________ hair.
9) Our teachers are ___________ in teaching.
10) My mom makes ___________ cakes.
11) The ____________ bell informs us that someone is in the door.
12) Who has drawn that ______ joker?
13) Have you seen that monkey climbing the __________ tree?
14) Mathematics is a very ______ subject to learn.
15) Dad bought a __________ fish from BigBazar market.
16) Why are you wearing that _________ shirt again?
17) Put your ___________ clothes in the washing machine
18) Leave your __________ umbrella outside the room.
19) Meet my ___________friend, Ravleen.
20) After a long trip from India, Dharini felt __________ and fall asleep.

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Q4) Read Each of the following sentences carefully and underline the adjectives examples.

  1. The brave policemen rescued the child from the fire.
  2. Do you like watching a scary movie?
  3. Mohor likes to read funny storybooks all the time.
  4. Uttam and Sumita went for a romantic dinner.
  5. This week’s homework seems to be difficult.
  6. I could not find my red notebook.
  7. During festivals, the loud music hurt our ears.
  8. We went to the amusement park in that big car.
  9. This chicken dish is simply yummy.
  10. Would you like to go on an adventurous trip?
  11. Goats like to eat fresh grass.
  12. Have you washed your dirty socks?
  13. Have you seen a pink lotus?
  14. How did you drink that chilled milk?
  15. Joy likes to eat ripe fruits.
  16. The kite with a colorful tail is flying in the sky.
  17. Who parked that red car in the garage?
  18. My brother broke a big glass jar accidentally.
  19. Can you differentiate the identical twins?
  20. Do you love to have extra cheese on your hot pizza?

Q5) Rewrite the sentences using meaningful adjectives wherever possible.

  1. Children are playing in the park.___________________
  2. Advik likes to drink tea._________________________
  3. The cat slept on the sofa.________________________
  4. The flowers in the garden makes the park beautiful in winter.______
  5. The boy is waiting for the bus.__________
  6. The officer found the child. ___________
  7. The mango fell from the tree. ____________
  8. Her brother works in Dubai. _______________
  9. Switzerland is a country. _________________
  10. Serving foods always makes it tasty. ___________

Q6) Write one meaningful sentence using each of the adjective examples provided in the “Adjective Examples” above?

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