Concrete Nouns: Definition, Example, Worksheet (With PDF)

Concrete Noun is a noun that refers to the name of such objects or substances that can be identified through our senses. So we can use any of the five senses (sight, taste, touch, smell, or hearing) and experience Concrete Nouns. For example, in the sentence “This is my book”, the noun book can be seen and touched to recognize. Hence, the noun Book is a concrete noun. So Concrete nouns are normally the names of people, places, or things.

Concrete Noun Example

A few commonly used Concrete Noun examples are given below for reference.

Apple, Axe, Ant, Airport, Aeroplane, Car, Ambulance, Book, Arrow, Alligator, Aunt, Ball, Bird, Balloon, Bear, Donkey, Bread, Bed, Black, Baby, Bag, Boy, Girl, Brother, Sister, Chair, Table, Tea, Coffee, Chocolate, Chicken, Cinema, Movie, Country, Dog, Deer, Egg, Doctor, Nurse, Elephant, Ears, Legs, Head, Earrings, Hotel, Restaurant, Keyboard, Mirror, Monkey, Crocodile, Man, Women, Milk, Oil, Water, Pig, Peacock, etc.

Let’s dive into the Concrete Noun Worksheet to learn more.

Concrete Noun Worksheets

A. Write one sentence for each of the concrete nouns given above.

B. Circle the concrete nouns in each of the given sentences below.

a. My dad sat on the chair.
b. London Bridge is falling down.
c. Do you want to go to the shopping mall?
d. I saw a Tiger in the zoo.
e. The dolphins were jumping in the ocean.
f. She wore a beautiful dress for the party.
g. Students wear school uniform while in school.
h. Tie your shoes.
i. He purchased a new mobile.
j. He wore a vest under the jacket
k. I looked out the window of the restaurant.
l. Reading a newspaper in the morning is a good habit.
m. He brought a new camera to the studio.
n. The annual event was held in the auditorium.
o. Rahul went shopping for groceries.
p. Advik was searching for the bat.
q. My mother took medicine for her headache.
r. The aroma of freshly-baked cake filled the kitchen.
s. The participants danced to the tune of the music.
t. Children love blowing bubbles.
u. The ice-cream was creamy and tasty.
v. The forks and spoons were arranged on the table in the restaurant.
w. There is a rainbow in the sky after the rain.
x. The old brown chair looked comfortable.
y. I love to eat cornflakes in the morning.
z. The old engine pulled out clouds of smoke.

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C. Put a tick mark beside the concrete nouns; others leave blank or put a cross mark.

a. Eagle
b. Beauty
c. Pen
d. Necklace
e. Ability
f. Strength
g. Egg
h. Charity
i. Mirror
j. Excitement
k. Patience
l. Knowledge
m. Bed
n. Bow
o. Bulb
p. Brass
q. Bookstore
r. Cashier
s. Flag
t. Forest
u. Hen
v. Determination
w. Idea
x. Life
y. Motivation
z. Model
aa. Market
ab. Pasta
ac. Hate
ad. Imagination
ae. Oven
af. Road
ag. Salt
ah. Spoon
ai. Son
aj. Tongue
ak. Waiter
al. Zebra
am. Power

D. Find the concrete Noun from the sentences and Underline it.

a. The woman is running behind the thief.
b. Save Water now, else you have to pay for it.
c. The glass of the watch is broken but still running.
d. Are you fond of tea?
e. The sky is full of stars.
f. The Sun is the nearest star to the Earth.
g. Do you wear Sunglasses?
h. School-Bus is waiting for taking students to school.
i. There is a cricket match today at the stadium.
j. Who is playing that Piano?
k. How many pencils do you have in your bag?
l. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

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