Subtraction Worksheets and Subtraction Word Problems (With PDF)

Practice more with this Subtraction Worksheet and various types of Subtraction word problems provided here. Suitable for Grade 3 and Grade 4 students. Before proceeding for the subtraction worksheet let’s recapitulate the basics of subtraction that you already know.

What is Subtraction?

Subtraction is one of the basic mathematical operations which means taking away some items from a collection. There are various keywords that indicate that a Subtraction (Fig. 1) has to be performed. Some of these keywords are Minus, Take Away, Less, Difference, Deduct, Leftover, Remains, Decrease, Fewer than, etc. We use subtraction:

  • To find out how many are left in a lot?
  • To compare different groups?
  • To find out what was taken away?
  • To find how many more are required?
  • To find out a difference?

The number that is to be subtracted from or the greater number is called minuend and the number being subtracted (smaller number) is called subtrahend. The result that is obtained in subtraction is called Difference (Fig. 1). Subtraction is called an inverse operation of Addition.


Difference of Two Numbers
Fig. 1: Difference of Two Numbers

Properties of Subtraction

  • We subtract a smaller number from a bigger number.
  • When we subtract a number from itself, we get zero as the difference or result. Example: 12346-12346=0
  • When we subtract zero from a number, the difference is the number itself. Example: 123456-0=123456

Let’s start practicing from the Subtraction worksheets problem provided below and learn more about subtraction word problems.

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Subtraction Worksheets

A. Fill in the blanks with your understanding about subtraction:

a. A result obtained after subtraction is called______________________.
b. Any number subtracted from itself gives __________.
c. 35,967 – ___________= 0.
d. Minuend – ______= Difference.
e. The sum of two number is 1,000. If one of them is 1 the other is _________.
f. Instead of adding 24 to a certain number, Advik subtracted 24 and got 56 as an answer. The correct answer is __________.
g. 8+6=6+8; Similarly 8-6=6-8. The statement is True or false? ________.
h. The total age of three brothers in a family is 45. Each one is 3 years older than his younger brother. If the age of the oldest brother is 18 years, the age of the youngest brother is_____________________.
i. If we add the Subtrahend with the Difference we will get the Minuend. True or False? ___________.

B. Solve the following Subtraction Word Problems

a. Ishani and Koushani have the same number of chocolates with them. Their mother Jharna took 5 chocolates from Ishani and 8 chocolates from Koushani. Who will be having more chocolates between Ishani and Koushani and what is the difference?
b. Abhijit purchased an I-phone for Sarita at a shopping mall. The phone cost him Rs 79,813/-. He gave the cashier forty Rs 2000/- notes. How much change did he receive back?
c. The length of String A is 12,345 cm. and String B is 9,699 cm. Which String is shorter and by what amount?
d. Someshwar is fond of reading storybooks. Each day he reads 25 pages before going to sleep. On Monday he started a storybook having 197 pages. When will he finish his book?
e. What number should be deducted from the sum of 398+435+90 so that the result becomes zero?
f. The age of Mithilesh is 38 years. His father is 32 years older than him. Poonam, wife of Mithilesh is 35 years younger than her father in law. What is the age of Poonam?
g. Out of 32,456 employees of Reliance, 12,234 employees like to play cricket, 9,954 employees like to play badminton and the remaining like to play computer games. How many employees like to play computer games?
h. Swarnali scored 3,465 points in a game. Sumita scored 536 more points than Swarnali but 4,567 fewer points than Uttam. How many points did Uttam score in the game? Who scored the lowest points?
i. In a function there were 34,850 audiences. The number of males in that function is 4 times the number of females. How many males were present in that function?
j. Firan has Rs 98,765 in his account. Mohor has Rs 32,987. How much amount should Mohor take from Firan so that both of them have equal amounts?

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C. Mental Math Subtraction Problems

a. If A – 3,256=B – 3,256. Then what is the relation between A & B?
b. To get the predecessor of 7+8+9, what should be subtracted from 100?
c. What is the difference between the smallest 5-digit number and the greatest 3-digit number?
d. if A=2,345; B=3,456 and C=9,999 then what is the value of A-B+C?
e. Find the odd one: 1. Minus 2. Less 3. Sum 4. Difference
f. Fill in the blanks: Difference=____________ – Subtrahend
g. 155 + ___________ = 2,550

D. What do you mean by the term “Subtraction”?

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