Addition Worksheet: Addition of five or more digits [With PDF]

What is Addition?

There are four basic operations in mathematics. The addition is the first of them. The addition of two or more numbers is the total amount of all those values combined. The addition is written using a plus (+) sign. The result is expressed with an equal to (=) sign. The answer that we get in addition is called the Sum or Total. The numbers that are added are called the Addends.

Refer to Fig. 1 below for proper understanding. So addition is a process to find the total sum by combining two numbers.

How to Understand that Addition has to be Performed?

There are various keywords in word problems that indicates that addition has to be performed. Few of those keywords are:

Total; Sum; Altogether; Increase; Combine; Add; Join; In All, Both;

However always try to find out the exact meaning of the problem first.

Addition of Two Numbers
Fig. 1: Addition of Two Numbers


  • a) When Zero is added to a number, the sum is that number itself. For Example, 3+0=3
  • b) Changing the order of addends does not affect the result. For example, 1+2+3=3+2+1=1+3+2=2+1+3=6, The total sum always remains the same as 6
  • c) When 1, 10, 100, or 1000 added to a number increases the value of the digit at the Ones, Tens, Hundreds or Thousands place by 1 respectively.

In this worksheet, we will solve the addition of numbers having five or more digits. At the end of the article, the option for printing or making pdf is provided.

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AdditionWorksheet: Addition of five or more Digit Numbers

1. Aharsi loves to collect stickers. In the year 2018, He collected 17,898 stickers. In 2019, He collected 18,732 stickers. So, altogether how many stickers did he collect?

2. Advik wrote a number in his notebook. He then subtracted 3984 from that number and he got 76548. What number did Advik write in his notebook?

3. Swarnali was given the job to distribute gate passes for the Durgapuja program. After distributing 12954 tickets she finds that still 8962 tickets are left. How many tickets were given to Swarnali for distribution?

4. Ismat scored 32989 votes for being school president and declared as winner by defeating the only rival Keshvi by 11998 votes. So, in total how many students voted?

5. Mohor went for shopping in the Avenues Mall. She purchased an iPhone by spending Rs 89,365 for her husband and purchased diamond jewellery worth Rs 234,567 for herself. She found that still Rs 123,456 is left in her debit card. So How much money did she have before going shopping?

6. Sumita sold one earring, one neckless, and one bangle to Jayita. The cost of the bangle was twice the earring but half of the neckless. If the earring costs Rs 9,879/-, How much did Jayita spent in all?

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7. Uttam planned to purchase a flat in Kolkata. He gave Rs 819, 698 as initial booking amount. From the State Bank of India, he took a loan and paid Rs 4,578,934 to the builder. For registration of the flat, he paid Rs 512,789. So what is the total cost of the flat including registration charges?

8. Firan got a bonus from his company in Diwali. He used the full amount in replacing old furniture with new ones. He purchased one sofa at Rs 56,398. His dining table cost him Rs 12345 less than the sofa. Still, he has Rs 8,234 and spent it on buying tea-table. So how much did Firan got as Diwali Bonus?

9. There were 87,967 more houses in Mumbai than Chennai. If Mumbai has 987,654 houses, how many houses are there altogether in both cities?

10. A magic show is organized at the Hotel Taj Bengal, Kolkata. The rate of tickets per head are as follows: For age group 0 to 5 years: Nil; For Age Group >5 to 12 years: Rs 3,569/-; For Age group >12 to 18 years: Rs 9,999/- and for adults Rs 26, 679/-.
Mr. Kamal Maity is planning to attend the magic show along with his wife, two kids (4 years and 8 years), and cousin brother (17 years). How much the program will cost to the Maity Family together?

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11. Ms. Donna sent her only daughter to study a computer science course in Canada. There is 4 semester in the course and fees for each semester is $5,698 more than the previous semester. If the course fee for the third semester is $92,920 what will be the total expenses of Ms. Donna?

12. Fill in the blanks:

  • a. 32,687+9,989+51,448= ______________
  • b. 12,345+23,456=23,456+______________
  • c. 41,649+________________= 67,867+12,369
  • d. __________________+34,567+62,987=123,456
  • e. When ____ is added to a number the sum does not change.
  • f. If 1,000 is added to a number, the sum increases the value of the digit at thousand’s place by _____________and the value of the digit at ten’s place by ______.

13. In a city, there are 398,765 men. The town has 142,568 more women than men and 234,567 fewer children than women. What is the total population of the city?

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