Environmental Science (EVS) Worksheet: Flower parts and functions (With PDF)

Flowers are the most beautiful and attractive part of a plant. Plants have different types of flowers varying in sizes, shapes, colors, and fragrances. The main parts of a flower are sepals, petals, stamens, and carpels as shown in Fig. 1. Each part serves different functions for the flower. In this flower parts and functions worksheet we will learn more about the parts of a flower and functions of each part. Let’s start practicing the EVS worksheet: Flower Parts and Functions.

The answer key to the questions is given towards the end of the worksheet. Options for printing and making pdf is also provided at the end.

Main parts of a flower
Fig. 1: Main parts of a flower

Flower Parts and Functions Worksheet

Q1. Circle the correct answer from the given options

1. Jasmine : winter season :: Zenia :_______________
(a.Summer season b.Spring season c.Autumn season)
2. Daffodil : Spring:: Sedum :__________
(a.Summer season b.Winter season c.Autumn season)
3. The male part of the flower :______________::Carpel: Female part of the flower
(a.Pollen grains b.Stamen c.Sepal)
4. Rose : Perfumes :: Cauliflower :_______
(a.Spice b.Colour c.Food)

Q2. Which of the following plants do not bear flowers?

a. Pansy, Dianthus, and Petunia
b. Moss, Fern, and Aster
c. Pine, Moss, and Fern

Q3. Observe the table given below and match the flowers to their uses.

 1. Zenia              A.   Food
  2. Saffron               B. Colour
  3. Broccoli             C.   Spices
   4. Clove             D.   Cosmetics

Q4. Write True or False for the following statement.

1. Dianthus, Petunia and Lavender bloom during the winter season.- ______
2. All plants bear flower.- ____________
3. When buds open, they bloom into a flower.- __________
4. The Petals are the most attractive part of the flower.-__________
5. Marigold is used as a spices.-_________

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Q5. Give two examples for each of the following.

1  Plants that do not have bright coloured flowers 
2  Flowers that bloom during the summer season 
3  Flowers that are seen throughout the year 
4  Flowers used as perfumes and oils 
5  Non-flowering plants 

Q6. Fill in the blanks with the correct answer.

1. ____________________is obtained by drying part of the Crocus Flower.
2. The ________________in New Delhi is shaped like a lotus flower.

3. A person who sells flowers is called a ___________.
4. The swollen top of stamens contains a yellow powdery substance called ________.
5. Plants like _________ do not have flowers.
6. The green part of the outermost circle of a flower is called _______.

Q7. What is the Role of Flowers in the production of new plants?

Q8. What are the main uses of Flowers?

Answer Key:

A1. 1.a 2.c 3.b 4.c
A3. 1-B, 2-D, 3-A, 4-C
A4. 1.True, 2.False, 3.True, 4.True, 5.False
A5. 1.Grass and Weeds, 2.Zenia and sunflower, 3.Champa and Hibiscus, 4.Rose and Jasmine, 5.Fern and Moss
A6.1.Saffron, 2.Lotus temple,3. Florists,4.Pollen grains,5.Fern,6.Sepal

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