Multiplication Worksheets Grade 3 [with PDF]

Multiplication is one of the basic operations in mathematics that represents repeated addition. So in multiplication one number is added a number of times to get the results. Multiplication is represented by the signs cross ‘×’, asterisk ‘*’, or dot ‘·’. The numbers that are multiplied are called the factors and the result after multiplication is called the product. So, multiplication is an arithmetic operation to find the product of two or more numbers.

Properties of Multiplication

  1. Multiplication by 1: the multiplication of a number with 1 is always the number itself, for example- 15X1=15.
  2. Multiplication by 0: the multiplication of a number with 0 is always zero, for example-95X0=0
  3. The order does not matter in multiplication, the result remains the same. For example, 8X5=5X8=40.
  4. While multiplying three or more numbers, grouping can be done in any order to get the result. For example: 2x4x6x3=(2×4)x(6X3)=(2×6)x(4X3)=(2×3)x(4×6)=(2x4x3)x6. In all the above cases the result is the same as 144. So numbers can be grouped in any order to get the product.
  5. Multiplying by 10: While multiplying by 10 simply insert one 0 to the right of the number. For example, 4×10=40, here simply a 0 is inserted on the right of the number 4.
  6. Multiplying by 100: while multiplying by 100 simply insert two “0” s to the right of the number. For example, 6×100=600.
  7. Multiplying by 20, 30, 40, etc.: While multiplying a number with 20, 30, 40, etc. simply write a “0” at one’s place and then multiply the remaining numbers. For example, to multiply 30 with 7 put zero at one’s place, and then multiply 3 with 7 and write before 0. The answer is 30×7=210.
  8. Solving Multiplication Worksheet or multiplication problems will be easier if you learn the multiplication chart or multiplication table by heart. The multiplication table is provided in Fig. 1 for your reference.

Multiplication Chart

Multiplication chart or Multiplication table is a very useful mathematical tool to find the product of two numbers in the chart. Refer to Fig. 1 to find an example of a multiplication chart.

Multiplication table
Fig. 1: Multiplication chart or Multiplication table

Using this multiplication chart is very easy. To multiply two numbers in this table simply find the numbers in the column and rows and find the overlapping cell to find the product of multiplication. For example in the above figure multiplication of 6 X 4 is 24. Find 4 in column and 6 in rows and find the overlapping cell 24 to find the result.

Let’s practice the following Multiplication Worksheets along with Note that option to print and making pdf is provided at the end of each article. Simply click on the button to convert the multiplication worksheet grade 3 into pdf or print.

Multiplication Worksheets Grade 3

Q1) Fill in the blanks to solve the following multiplication worksheets

  1. Multiplication means ___________ addition.
  2. 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 6=__________ X _______________ =30
  3. 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 =________________ X 9= __________
  4. 3 X 7= _______+__________+__________=___________
  5. Write 5 X 10 in addition format: ________________________________
  6. 8 X________ = 7 X _________________=56
  7. 7 X 100=____________=70 X_____
  8. 23 X _________= 2 X 3 X__________=15 X__________= 0 X 3 X 5= __________
  9. 2 X 3 X 4 X 5 = (2 X 3 X 4) X______=(2 X_____) X (3 X_____)
  10. The result that we get in a multiplication problem is called ___________.
  11. 15 X 23= 15 X (8 + __________)
  12. 67 X 8=_______________.
  13. 12 X 29 =______________.
  14. 567 X 48 =_____________.
  15. 234 X 23 X 4 X 0= ________________.
  16. 7 weeks= _______________ days.
  17. 8 years= ________________months.
  18. 3 years=________________days
  19. 6 years= ______________ weeks
  20. 1 day=______________minutes
  21. 4 hours= _____________seconds.
  22. The product of 14 and 5 is ________________ tens.

Q2) Write True or False for the following multiplication worksheets statements based on your understanding of multiplication.

  1. The numbers that are multiplied are called Products
  2. To find the double of a number we have to multiply the number with 2.
  3. One can jump 6 times higher on the moon than on the earth. If Swarnali jumps 50 cm in the earth she will jump 300 cm on the moon.
  4. 40 X 75 =4 X 25 X 30
  5. 5 X (3+4)= 5X3+5X4
  6. 32 X 60= 32 X 6 X 10
  7. A man has 32 teeth, So 4 men will have 108 teeth.
  8. An adult has 206 bones in his body. If a group consists of 5 such members, there will be a total of 1,030 bones.
  9. 8 sevens= 4 X 7 + 2 X 7.
  10. The symbol “X” indicates multiplication.
  11. Multiplication problems can be checked using addition.
  12. 6 X 1000 >60 X 100
  13. A multiplication problem can have a remainder.
  14. Multiplication table helps in easily solving multiplication worksheet problems.
  15. The term subtraction is associated with multiplication.

Q3) Multiplication Worksheets Grade 3 Word Problems: Solve the following Mental Math Multiplication word problems

  1. A toy costs Rs. 678 per piece. A team is planning to distribute 78 such tops to the poor children in a NGO. What will be the total expense of the team?
  2. Aharsi thought of an even number between 50 and 60 which is a multiple of 7. What is the number?
  3. What will be product of the largest 3-digit number and the largest 2-digit number?
  4. Firan wants to buy a nice gift for his wife Mohor on her birthday. So he started saving 26 OMR per month. So, in a year what will be amount that Firan will be saving?
  5. Sumita sold 8 necklaces to Dipusree. Each necklace set costs Rs 136/-. If Dipusree gave a Rs 2000/- note to Sumita, how much she will get as return?
  6. Uttam purchased 500 stamps for Swarnali’s craftwork. Swarnali has to prepare 9 toys using those stamps. She used 48 stamps in each toy. So how many stamps will remain once she finishes all toys?
  7. What is the missing number in the problem:  3___5 X 3 =1095?
  8. Ismat have a collection of few pens. The number of pens is between 50 and 60. So, how many pens does Ismat have if the number comes in the multiplication chart of 7 and 8 both?
  9. Apurba went to Nesto market and purchased a dozen egg trays. Each tray consists of 30 eggs. After returning to home he found that in each tray two of the eggs are rotten which needs to be thrown away. So how many good eggs did Apurba purchase?
  10. In a competitive exam 36 question to be answered. All questions are compulsory for submission. For each correct answer 6 marks will be rewarded and for each wrong answer 2 marks will be deducted. Aharsi answered 29 questions correctly. So what will be his score?

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