Articles Rules and Articles Worksheet with PDF

The words “A”, “An” and “The” are called Articles in English Grammar. They are Adjectives and used before nouns to modify it.

The Articles “A” and “An” are known as Indefinite articles while “The” is called Definite Article. The article “The” specifically indicates a particular thing, place, or person and hence known as Definite Articles.

Rules for Indefinite Articles: A vs An

Indefinite articles A or An is used before singular countable nouns. The rules for using “A” or “An” are as follows:

  • “An” is used before a word beginning with a vowel sound. For example, An orange. Here, the noun orange starts with a vowel “o”.
  • “A” is used before a word beginning with a consonant sound. For Example, A girl. Here the noun girl starts with a consonant “g”.
  • Few words even though start with a consonant, while pronunciation, begins with a vowel sound. So the article “An” should be used. For example, An hour. An honest man. Here, the noun hour starts with h but the “h” is not pronounced.
  • Similarly, Few words even though start with a vowel, while pronunciation, begins with a consonant sound. So the article “A” should be used. For example, A University. A one-eyed man. Here, the noun University starts with u, but that u is pronounced as yu.

Rules for Definite Article: The

The rules for using definite article “the” are as follows:

  • Used before a singular noun that specifies a whole class. For example in the sentence “The rose is the sweetest of all flowers”, rose represents the whole rose family, hence “the” is used before it.
  • Used before a particular person or thing or one that is already referred to previously. For Example, In the sentence, I ate a mango yesterday. The mango was juicy and delicious. Here in the first sentence mango is referred and in the 2nd-second sentence, the same specific mango is indicated, hence “the” is used in the second sentence.
  • Used before large regions, countries, deserts, peninsulas, seas, gulfs, canals, oceans, lakes, rivers, famous books, mountain ranges, groups of islands, famous statues, unique things, musical instruments, etc. For Example The Atlantic Ocean.
  • Used before superlatives during the comparison. For example, Aharsi is the best student in the class.
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Let’s dive into the Articles Worksheets to learn more about the use of articles.

Articles Worksheets

Articles Worksheet

Q1) Fill in the blanks with Appropriate Articles (A, An, or The)

  1. Aharsi got _____ new bicycle on his 4th Birthday.
  2. Bengali is ___________ easy language.
  3. Advik tasted _____ cake that his mother made.
  4. Aluminium is ________ useful material.
  5. Children, follow _______ rules provided by your class teacher.
  6. Uttam switched on ___________ Air conditioner because it is too hot.
  7. Have you seen _________________ blue sky?
  8. Sarita went to Canada to study for _____ MBA.
  9. Agra is _______ beautiful city.
  10. The English teacher read _____ interesting story from the textbook.
  11. ______________ Tajmahal is situated beside river Yamuna.
  12. During Ramadan, There was _____ huge crowd of people outside the mosque.
  13. ________ Ganga is ___________ river of India.
  14. Manasi talked with his father for _____ hour over the phone.
  15. ___________ apple ___________ day keeps ___________ doctor away.
  16. Have you seen ____________ monk sitting there?
  17. Swarnali found ____________ egg on the nest.
  18. It is ________ honour to be present.
  19. _____ American sports-star was invited to teach the students.
  20. I took _______ toy and _______ box of chocolates to the party.
  21. We went to visit _____________ Sun Temple at Konark.
  22. _____ Arabian sea has many different types of fish.
  23. ______________Pacific ocean is ____________ biggest ocean in ________ world.
  24. They crossed _____ Black Sea by boat.
  25. What’s in ________ newspaper?
  26. What’s ______ name of ______ woman in ______yellow skirt?
  27. ______ beds of that hotel are very uncomfortable.
  28. Have you purchased ________ car you were talking?
  29. You need ___________ travel visa to enter Oman.
  30. Do you still dream to be ____________ actor?
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Q2) Use Articles (A, An, or The) to fill the given space before the nouns.

  1. _________ bottle of pepsi.
  2. ___________ Sun
  3. ________ car.
  4. __________ ice-cream
  5. __________ Paris
  6. ________ toy.
  7. _______ pizza
  8. ________Sahara Desert
  9. ________ engineer.
  10. ________ banana
  11. ________ apple.
  12. _______ accident
  13. ________ notebook.
  14. _________Ramayana
  15. _______ airport
  16. ________ umbrella.
  17. ________one-eyed man
  18. _______ house
  19. ________ baby.
  20. ________Vedas
  21. ________ aunt.
  22. _________hole
  23. _______ library
  24. ________Pacific Ocean
  25. ________ table.
  26. _______ police Station
  27. ________ university.
  28. ________ window.
  29. ________ student.
  30. _________United States of America
  31. _______ book
  32. _______ president
  33. ________ driver.
  34. ________ honest man.
  35. ________ orange.
  36. ________ hour.
  37. ________ sky
  38. ________ yard.
  39. ________ uncle.
  40. _________ horse
  41. ________ watch.
  42. ________ ring.
  43. _________ one-rupee note.
  44. ________ computer
  45. ________Earth
  46. ________Ganga River
  47. ________historical novel
  48. ________enemy
  49. ________heir
  50. ________ Himalayas

Q3) Insert Articles if necessary in proper location and rewrite the sentence

  1. It is honor to be chosen to attend the program.
  2. Sun sets in west.
  3. Tagore was great poet.
  4. What kind of Bird is this?
  5. Man cannot live by bread alone.
  6. Sandesh always wears uniform to work.
  7. May is fifth month of year.
  8. Ismat stores her extra money in box.
  9. Krishna makes 5 OMR hour in his work.
  10. To tell truth, one job may not be sufficient to run the family.
  11. Over last five months more than 400,000 people dies of COVID-19.
  12. Taking hot bath could be a good way to relax.
  13. That shop sells only best quality.
  14. Sky is blue.
  15. While there is life there is hope.
  16. Can you draw map of Oman?
  17. Sumita likes to live in open air.
  18. It was proudest moment of his life.
  19. Major restructuring have taken place in oil and gas industry.
  20. It is washed by the waters of Arabian Ocean.
  21. The acting was poor, but we enjoyed music.
  22. water in this glass is not good.
  23. Ravleen and Dharini had lunch at school cafeteria.
  24. What beautiful park?
  25. When I was child, I used to be very jolly.
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Q4) Correct the sentences using Articles if necessary

  1. Dharini tried hard to get good grade on Hindi test.
  2. Mount Everest is the highest mountain peak of the world.
  3. Neil Armstrong was first man to reach moon.
  4. Who wishes to take a walk with me?
  5. He is a honour to this profession.
  6. Let us discuss the matter seriously.
  7. Delhi is the very costly city to live in.
  8. Can you name a longest river in the India?
  9. Lion is a king of the Jungle.
  10. He started music when he was seven years old.

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