Body Parts Worksheets for Kindergarten: Preschool body parts: Body Parts English Vocabulary (pdf)

Body Parts Worksheets for Kindergarten and Grade 1 students. Body parts English Vocabulary worksheets. Before starting the body parts worksheets for kindergarten, let’s first revisit the body parts that you already know from the below-attached body parts chart in Fig. 1.

Body Parts Chart
Fig. 1: Body Parts Chart

Now that you have revisited your learning again, Let’s start the Body Parts worksheets for Kindergarten.

Q1) Write the body parts names in the given boxes

Body Parts Worksheet
Fig. 2: Body Parts Worksheet

Q2) Identify the images of body parts in column A and write the name of that part in Column B

Body parts and their names

Q3) Re-arrange the letters given in Column A to form a name of the body part and write in Column B

LettersWords (Body Part Name)
A  R  E 
D  H  N  A 
Y  E  E  S 
T  E  O  S 
P  I  L 
E  S  N  O 
R  H  A  I 
D  E  H  A 
K  E  N  C 
N  L  A  I 
E  E  N  K 
E  L  G 
R  M  A 

Q4) Match the body parts images with body part names.

Body Parts-Matching Worksheet

Q5) Put a letter in the blanks to form a body part name

  • F___NG___R
  • TOO___H
  • NAI___
  • BEL____Y
  • ___ACK
  • N____CK
  • KNE___
  • HA____D
  • EL____OW
  • EYEBR____W
  • THRO___T
  • __OSE

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