List of Fruits and Vegetables/Fruits and Vegetables Vocabulary Worksheet (pdf)

When we start learning out the first alphabet we start with A for Apple. All kids can easily recognize an apple. So List of fruits and vegetables is an important part of a kid’s vocabulary building. In KG1 and KG2, all kids normally learn about the fruits and vegetable names. So in this fruit and vegetable worksheet, we will practice more on the learning.

Difference Between Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits are originated from flowers and normally contain seeds whereas other parts of plants used for cooking are called vegetables.

Let’s dive into the Fruits and Vegetable names worksheet.

Q1. Identify the fruits or vegetables in the image and fill the starting letter of its name.

Identify the fruits and vegetables from the image

Q2) Match the Vegetable names with their images

Vegetable names and images

Q3. Identify the pictures of Vegetables and write their names.

identify the vegetables

Q4. Circle the odd picture from the given fruits and vegetable list below

Odd man out-Fruits and Vegetables

Q5. Unscramble the words and match them with their name.

match the fruits with their names

Q6. Match the name of the following which are fruit or vegetable.

identify fruit or vegetable and match

Q7. Fill in the blanks to form the fruit or vegetable name as shown

fruit vs vegetables

Q8. Circle the word which related to the given fruit and vegetables


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