School Vocabulary: Words related to school and education (With PDF)

In our everyday life, our schools play an important role. While studying we spend more than 20 hours in a week in school. Every school has so many people, objects, and related words to make our vocabulary strong. While in school we should learn and know all school vocabularies and words related to school and education. Everyone should learn all these vocabularies. In this section, first, we will learn about various school vocabularies and then we will practice through the school vocabulary worksheets.

Objects in School

PenPencil BoxSchool BagCompassColour PencilCalculator
RulerWater BottleEraserBoardBlack boardPaper

School Rooms and Places/Electronic Objects/Subjects/People at School

School RoomsClassroomLibraryPlaygroundToiletLockersMusic room
Electronic DevicesMonitorProjectorComputerAir ConditionerFanKeyboard
School SubjectsMathematicsEnglishHindiScienceHistoryGeography
 Physical EducationSocial StudiesBiologyPhysical ScienceLife ScienceLanguage
 Extracurricular Economics Physics Chemistry Information Technology Arithmetic
People at SchoolStudentTeacherClass-teacherPrincipalProfessorLibrarian

Other School-Related Words

ExaminationTestExamPeriodgameplayBasket Ball
PassFailSchool UniformBoysGirlsMadamSecond
StudyMaleFemaleMeetingsParents-Teacher MeetingPaperPaper Clip

Now that you have learned a few of the school vocabularies, Let’s solve the following vocabulary worksheets related to school and education.

Q1. Match the School Vocabularies with their images

Match the words with images

Q2. Write the missing letter to form a school vocabulary word.

Pe_c_l S_ar_n_rSpor_s
G_u_On_i_e Cla_s

Q3. Look at the image below the sentence and fill in the blanks using appropriate words relating to school and education

School Vocabularies

Q4. Unscramble the word and write the appropriate school vocabulary on the right.


Q5. Choose the correct word for the images and put them in the space provided.

Words for Images

Q6. Choose the correct option and underline it.

Underline the correct school vocabulary
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Well, I am a Science Graduate, currently a housewife and mother of two. While helping my kids with their studies I find that schools are providing very few worksheets for practice at home which is not sufficient for the kids to think beyond the boundary. For better development and depth on each subject students should practice more and more worksheets or question papers. I am sure other parents also experienced the same problem. So through this website, I plan to provide various worksheets on different subjects to help interested kids, parents, and teachers.

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