Identifying Words and Images: Kindergarten English Vocabulary with PDF

Let’s learn while practicing the following vocabulary words.

Q1. Circle the same words in each of the given sets.

  1. Lap        Cap        Map      Lap
  2. Bag        Tag        Bag       Wag
  3. Ran        Fan        Man      Fan
  4. Bat        Sat        Mat       Mat
  5. Jam       Ram        Yam      Yam
  6. Sap        Tap        Sap        Map
  7. Dad       Pad        Lad        Pad
  8. Jet        Let        Met        Met
  9. Bed       Bed        Fed        Wed
  10. Leg       Peg        Leg        Keg

Q2. Circle the odd ones in the given list of words.

  1. Led      Red        Bed        Dad
  2. Rag      Wag       Leg        Bag
  3. Den      Men       Pen        Web
  4. Set       Net        Ten        Jet
  5. Peg     Hem      Leg        Keg
  6. Big       Dig        Fig        Did
  7. Kid       Rid        Wig        Hid
  8. Sag       Gap        Sap        Nap
  9. Gam     Mat       Dam       Ram
  10. Sat       Van        Pan        Can

Q3. Identify the image and Write the first letter of the word

Word for Given Images

Q4. Match the same words in the given columns

Matching words

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