Math Worksheet: Polygons and Circles (With PDF)

Math Worksheet: Polygons and Circles

What is a Polygon? A polygon is a two-dimensional closed figure made up of only straight line segments. It is a geometric figure with three or more sides. Triangles (3 sides), Quadrilaterals (4 Sides), Pentagons (5 Sides), Hexagons (6 sides), …

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Worksheet on Solar System [With PDF]

General Knowledge Worksheet Solar System

What is Solar System? The solar system is the system created by all the objects (planets, moons, comets, asteroid, meteoroids, etc.) that orbit the Sun keeping it at the center. All these objects are bound to the Sun by gravitational …

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Fractions Worksheets Grade 4 [With PDF]

Fraction Worksheet

A Fraction shows part of a whole. It is written with two numerals arranged one over the other and separated by a line. The numeral above the line is termed as the numerator and below the line is termed as …

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Collective Nouns: Definition, Examples, and Worksheet [With PDF]

Collective Nouns Worksheet

A collective noun is a noun that represents a group. As a noun, it is a name. So collective noun is the name for the collection of the group. It can be singular or plural depending on its use in the sentence. Few examples of collective nouns are Crowd, Group, Flock, Series, Crew, Shoal, Flock, etc. Let’s practice with to reinforce your understanding.

Place Value​ Worksheets for Grade 3 [With PDF]

Now practice makes easy with PracticeWorksheet.Com, today we came up with Place value worksheets for 3rd standards students. Place value indicates the value of the digits in the given number. For Example, In the number 3249, the value of the …

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